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The word “Selah” is a mysterious word that is found mainly in Psalms and other places in the bible. Some of the most agreed upon definitions for this word are; to lift up or exalt, to pause, reflect, blessing meaning forever, give attention to something heard as well as to raise the voice!

“Selah” in regards to this platform that encourages us to pause and reflect upon our lives and in doing so to raise our voices and share our discoveries through that journey. As we live in a fast paced world, “Selah” stands as a reminder to “Pause” and note the connection of precious truths. Selahtime is a place of building community, a place of everyday people living life in the most authentic way possible. It’s a place of walking in light, honouring our journey, finding healing through vulnerability and becoming our most empowered versions of ourselves. SelahTime is a call to ponder and raise our voices with the purpose of uplifting whoever is reading.