My father always says “live life as a dying person” and for the longest time I would think “wow, what an absolutely depressing way of looking at life.” It seems now that the more I mature the more weight my father’s words seem to carry.

Hi, My name is Faven Mergia and I’m 26 years old.  I’m a complex human being who loves God, people,writing, reading and story telling hence the birth of SelahTime.  I often wear different hats depending on what I’m involved in so you might know me in different capacities but the title that I take the most pride in is being called the “child” of God and one of the best decision I’ve made so far is to start trying to live life as a dying person!

Living life as a dying person means that the more I think about the reality of death, the more I find myself awakened to the truth of how precious my time is. This realization makes me very UNCOMFORTABLE, no one really wants to die before making some sort of sense out of their lives. This truth forces us to do things with nothing else to fall back on but faith (scary faith leaps such as starting SelahTime! lol). It’s human to feel so. We often keep ourselves occupied with so many distractions that keep us away from thinking about our own mortality because doing so would challenge us to re-evaluate a lot of things in our lives which would in turn challenge us to make significant changes in our lifestyles. This is where it starts getting REALLY uncomfortable.

Living life as a dying person challenges us to live out the rest of our time whether it’s the next 60 seconds or the next 60 years in such a radical way. It means that we would only make sense to a very few people if any. It would mean that we would be on such an elevated level of self-awareness that we would no longer be able to tolerate a lifestyle that doesn’t honour our journey and purpose in the time we have here.

All this sounds so deep and idea but the real question is….Am I truly living like this on a daily basis? The most genuine answer I can give you is “absolutely not!” There are days where I feel like I’m really living out my purpose and there are also days where things seem like they’re falling apart and my main purpose becomes survival over thriving. What I’ve described above is an ideal way of living that I hope to be able to achieve, think of it this way….having the “perfect” beach body would mean having to give up unhealthy eating habits and developing a lifestyle where I’m eating healthy and working out consistently. Living a life that goes far beyond merely surviving would mean having the discipline and consistency to stay true to whatever message my life will be to this world. This is something that I have to consistently strive to do therefore living life as a dying person is a daily choice that I have to make. My decisions, interactions with others and overall outlook on life is shaped by the choice I make when I look at things from this angle.

The biggest benefit of trying to live life as a dying person has been the fact that my understanding of how extremely fragile life is has really helped me bounce back from things very quick. I’m learning to value the essence of time and energy. It’s radically changing how I react to situations, the things I choose to value and prioritize as well as redefining what I would like to be remembered for when I’m no longer here.

There’s a dire need for more people that are willing to try to live life in such a way. I keep using the word “try” because I don’t believe this is something that you are magically able to do. It’s something that you have to continue “trying” to do until it becomes a lifestyle. Thinking that we have all the time in the world is one of the most dangerous illusions out there. You don’t have to have it all figured out but you do need to take the baby steps and huge leaps needed everyday to live a life that helps you answer the question, “Did I live my best life (whatever you’re measure is) If today was my last day on earth?”

We really don’t have the luxury of living mediocre lives. We are phenomenal beings who are powerful beyond our wildest imaginations and the quickest way that I’ve found to truly awaken parts of ourselves that are deep asleep is to hit it with facts about our mortality.

The things that truly matter start surfacing then and our vision gets a bit clearer. I don’t know where you’re at in your journey but if you are to take anything from what I’ve shared so far I would love for it to be this…….”you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes,” (John 4:14) and this is a fact that should inspire you to take the leaps necessary to live your best life, not one that cripples you in fear. You’re more powerful than you could ever imagine and every breathe is a confirmation that there’s a purpose in your existence!






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