My name is Jerusalem. I am a 25  years old, single mother of 2 kids. I’m grateful for a loving family who love me well. I’m grateful for God’s provision in my life, that before I knew Him, He still loved me, protected me, and gave me the opportunities to encounter Him.

I have struggled with judging people due to anger and bitterness. Another area I struggled with is my speech habits, because the words of my mouth were not always pleasing to the Lord. My thoughts were not always pure or Godly thoughts. I played the role of a good person but deep inside I knew I was not leading a Godly life. I was living my own life for me.

 I was angry at God for allowing my eldest daughter, Sara, to have cancer; but little did I know that was what would bring me closer to Him.

My daughter wasn’t supposed to live beyond the 1st year of cancer diagnosis but by God’s grace she did. It took until things got a whole lot worse for me to realize that it was indeed by His grace that she was still alive. During the 2nd year of Sara’s chemo treatment, she had a life-threatening complication from the chemo. Sara had a blood infection from her port (that’s how you receive chemo through your heart’s blood vessels), due to the blood infection, Sara’s body started shutting down. She had tubes to help her breath and tubes to feed her.

The doctors said she had months left to live and for me to get prepared to say my goodbyes!

God has always been there for me even when I turned my back on Him, he was knocking at my door and waiting for me to open it. That’s when I let Jesus in. I knelt down and opened my heart to Him. I cast all my worries and troubles to him and he took them all away.

God healed my daughter. Within a week, she was up and feeling better. The doctors were puzzled and thought it was a medical mystery but I knew that wasn’t the case. I knew it was God and by His grace and power that my daughter was healed. I felt that, God gracefully allowed me to doubt Him for years. And on His timing, I was convicted of my doubts, and I asked the Lord to help me believe!

I am humbled that He chose me to witness His miracles first hand. As a result, I repented of my sins and prayed to place my trust in Jesus Christ alone. I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. Today, I am a proud believer and unashamed to say I love Jesus! Through Christ, I am a new creation.

 A couple months ago I decided to join Generation’s For Christ Church  and the people here have truly become my sisters and brothers in Christ; they showed me what being Christ-like looks like. As I’ve grown in understanding His word, I gave over ALL my hurting and pain, and put them in His hands.

God gave me a joy-filled peace. It felt like He was saying, “You finally got it! I will carry everything for you! You are mine! My Beloved!”  I danced with lightness as I realized I no longer have to carry my sin and shame.

My coming to Christ began in 2013, unfolding all these years in gentle, loving way.

My biggest transformation this year is learning to trust and be challenged in my faith and obedience through temptations and trials that I have had no control over.

I am continually becoming a new person in Christ…each and every day. As I study His Word, come to GFC, meet others outside of church, and following the will of Christ, I find new ways to stretch myself more in doing God’s will.

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