I’ve been trying to sleep for the past two hours but it seems that God really wants me to get this message out there for whoever it’s meant for and so here I am threading together words that I have faith will speak to the depth of your soul in ways that only God wants to communicate. The word “waiting” was really heavy upon my heart and I really didn’t know what I was going to write about it that hasn’t been written yet but then upon praying for guidance the topic and direction of this piece became a bit more clear.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to be as transparent as I can from my own experiences when it comes to talking/writing about different topics and “Joyful Waiting, active waiting” has been one that I’ve been trying to exercise more lately. If you were to talk to any of my family members or people who know me well, one thing that they can definitely attest to is the fact that I’m really not good at this whole “waiting” thing. As a kid my dad would not tell me things until the very last moment because he’d know that I’d lose some serious sleep counting down the days and driving him insane with all my “why do we have to wait so long…..” comments. I was so bad to the point that my dad didn’t even tell me we were flying to Canada up until two days prior to that life altering journey! My frustration with waiting is also expressed in everyday instances such as when standing in line at the grocery store or when getting food or waiting for my phone to turn on after plugging it to the charger (this kills me!!!)….I’m just REALLY BAD! My dislike for waiting has even led me to paths in my life that I had never thought I’d find myself on. It’s been the main catalyst of relationships I shouldn’t have had, misinformed decisions and overall chaos that were all avoidable if only I had exercised patience.

One thing I’ve come to learn throughout the past couple years though is that there are beautiful, intricate lessons that have been woven into the fabric of the waiting period. The second thing that I’ve started to understand more is the fact that the more time I spend on complaining about the wait, the more I walk away from these lessons and the longer the wait period gets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that EVERYTHING will make sense right away and that you’ll have all your questions answered upon this realization, I’m just saying that your PERSPECTIVE on the waiting period will DEFINITELY change when you open yourself up to the possibilities that this period brings with it.

I don’t know what you’ve been waiting on. For some of us its relationships, financial breakthroughs, “signs” about what steps to take next in different aspects of our lives, prayers that we’ve had for years, answers to questions and so on and so forth. We are all unique individuals who live out diverse experiences everyday therefore what we wait for will be as diverse as we are but one thing for certain is that we all go through common emotions when in this season. Depending on what we are waiting for we could experience emotions that range from anxiety to excitement as we wait in anticipation. We are often so caught up in between these polar ends of emotions that we forget the MOST important one……JOY! Regardless of what it is that we’re waiting for, worry is always going to be at the forefront one way or another. We might be really happy about possibly getting that job we interviewed for but the thought of not getting it will often keep us up WORRIED IN THE WAITING as opposed to JOYFUL IN THE WAITING. Worry comes so naturally as opposed to Joy which we often have to really dig deep to get in moments such as this.

Dictionary.com defines joy as;

  1. The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or   satisfying
  2. source or cause of keen pleasure or delight

It’s through reading this definition that it’s all starting to add up. What I’m beginning to understand is that Joy is an emotion that in simple terms is a reallllllyyyyyyy good emotion and that it is caused by something exceptionally good and that it’s a source or cause of delight. So who or what is the source of such joy?!?!?! The only answer I can think of for myself is GOD and that joy comes from living in his divine will ESPECIALLY AS I WAIT! The definition of being joyful in the waiting is therefore only plausible when I’m functioning under that divine will because my joy is no longer dependent on whether or not things are working out as I want them to but rather deeply rooted in the understanding that even in the waiting my joy isn’t stripped away, I actually have direct access to the SOURCE of joy who is greater than the SUM OF ALL the negative emotions associated with this period.

There are so many things in my life that I’m waiting upon. This doesn’t mean that I’ve crossed my arms in despair, it actually means that I’m ACTIVELY WAITING as I ANTICIPATE the times when I will move into a different season. The season of waiting is a season in which God is preparing me for the things on the other side of the field. What good are answered prayers if I’m not prepared to handle those answers?

The waiting period is a season of learning and unlearning, a season of often having to stay quiet and observe all the ways lessons are being revealed to us. It is a time in which though we think things aren’t moving, we’re actually being equipped with all the arsenal we need to handle the answers/events that will take place when we’re no longer waiting. I really don’t know who this message is for but if you’re reading this and if nothing I’ve shared so far has made any sense I pray this following line does, “WAIT JOYFULLY, WAIT ACTIVELY.” This is a season to exercise your faith, it’s a season to wait actively in anticipation of all that’s ahead and it’s a season to truly check yourself and ask “where does my joy come from?” One thing for certain is that your joy shouldn’t be dependent on the circumstances around you as they’re not a reliable source, it needs to be placed on the main source and that to me will always be God first. JOYFUL, ACTIVE WAITING is the best type of waiting! Change your perspective on waiting and watch your life transform!


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  • Shirley says:

    Yes, yes, yes! This was an amazing post Faven and it was definitely confirmation for me! Thank you for being obedient to God’s still small voice in writing this post. Much of this waiting journey is about building unwavering faith and trust in God. I can say that I have learnt to wait with patience and joy for things to come. There are still moments of weakness but that’s when we lean on God for strength and He loves that! I hope that this post blesses others as well.

    Keep writing!

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